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About Greg and Shultz Piano 

In 1985 I graduated with a Certified Piano Technology
degree after attending a 12 month course which included rebuilding, refinishing, and tuning. I've been a self-employed piano technician ever since.  I began contracting out my tuning and repair services for Colton Piano, Sherman Clay, and Field's Piano, Prosser Piano and SoCal Pianos, as well as UC Irvine, the University of Redlands, the Redlands Symphony, McCallum Theatre and Cal. State University, San Bernardino. I was also the official tuner for the 20th and 21st (2015 and 2017) Virginia Waring International Piano Competition(s) – I currently serve San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and the surrounding desert cities. My services include any and all repairs, and aural tuning -- including pitch raises at no extra charge.  Evening appointments are available.

-- Greg Shultz, CPT
   (Certified Piano Technician)